PARTS of Cornwall have been included in a level three "Extreme Heat" warning issued by the Met Office for Sunday.

While large parts of the Duchy will miss out on the highest temperatures, places such as Camelford, Liskeard, and Launceston will fall under areas in which "exceptionally high temperatures are possible" come the end of this weekend.

Falmouth, Helston, and Truro are amongst Cornwall's population centres set to miss out on temperatures that could reach up to 32 degrees in some parts of the country.

According to the Met Office, Camelford, Liskeard, and Launceston are set to experience temperatures of up to 26 degrees, with warnings of widespread impacts on people and infrastructure.

Warnings include: "Population-wide adverse health effects are likely to be experienced, not limited to those most vulnerable to extreme heat, leading to potential serious illness or danger to life.

"Substantial changes in working practices and daily routines likely to be required

"Significantly more people are likely to visit coastal areas, lakes and rivers leading to increased risk of water safety incidents

Falmouth Packet: Areas such as Helston, Falmouth, and Truro will avoid the worst of the heat. Areas such as Helston, Falmouth, and Truro will avoid the worst of the heat.

"Delays on roads and road closures are possible, along with delays and cancellations to rail and air travel, with potential for significant welfare issues for those who experience even moderate delays."

As well as Sunday, the Met Office is warning that high temperatures could also be likely to spill into next week, continuing the disruptive effects of such weather events.

The Met Office is also providing further details that: "Some exceptionally high temperatures are possible and cumulative effects of warm nights and hot days are expected to bring widespread impacts to people and infrastructure.

"This period of hot weather is expected to continue into the early part of next week, hence an update extending this warning into Monday is likely."

The level three weather warning covers the vast majority of England, stretching as far north as Middlesbrough and engulfing the South East coast entirely.

Cardiff and much of East Wales is also included.