A call has been made for disposable barbecues to be banned after a "huge bin fire" at a beach cafe.

The owner of the Poldhu Beach Cafe posted on Facebook last night thanking the "absolute idiot" who put the barbecue in one of their bins.

"Thanks to the absolute idiot who made me rush down to the cafe at 10pm tonight to put out another huge bin fire," he said. "You absolute moron. After 30 mins of constant water I’ve managed to stop the smoke!

"Luckily I didn’t have to waste the emergency services time again - These bins are locked and for cafe use only for a reason (lock was broken open). If you bring a BBQ to the beach - Take it home! Better still don’t use these awful things at all."

The barbecue had to be pulled out of the bin and put out

The barbecue had to be pulled out of the bin and put out

Many people responding to the post said that the barbecues should be banned on beaches.

Carol Hoare said: "About time these were banned. Have seen too many children burnt by these due to the moronic behaviour of a few.

Royston Bingley said: "About time they banned these awful things." While Ann Downs said: "They should be banned along with fire lanterns that cause so much distress to wild life, farm animals, fields and buildings."

Ross Hocking, owner of the Poldhu Beach cafe told the Packet they 100% should be banned.

"This is the second time this month this has happened," he said. "Our bins are locked but people niggle them open and put the barbecues in.

"There should 100 per cent be a ban but they are everywhere. Lidl's got them stacked up in their store and this one was from Tesco."

This is the second time this month the cafe has had to deal with a barbecue in the bin fire, while back in April more than 500 litres of water had to be used to put out a fire that risked setting the nearby beach cafe alight when a hot barbecue was carelessly thrown into a bin full of cardboard.