LOCAL residents have been giving their reactions to a new Co-op store that has opened opposite Gyllyngvase Beach.

The new Co-op has been in the works for roughly two years and today marked the first time local people have been able to see inside the store and make their first purchases.

At an opening ceremony taking place this morning, the new store was opened by Falmouth town's mayor, Steve Eva, along with store manager Glynn Wilkinson.

Falmouth Packet: The new store was opened by Falmouth mayor Steve EvaThe new store was opened by Falmouth mayor Steve Eva

Falmouth's mayor, Steve Eva, said: "It's with great pleasure that I open this store today, not only is it a beautiful day, but it's a beautiful store.

"There's a wide selection of items for sale and there's prepared cooked food and snacks as some people coming to the beach can't afford the prices being sold on the beach.

"So to be able to come over here and buy a hotdog for a couple of pounds, or a sausage roll for a pound is a lot better than the prices down there.

"There's never been a convenience store this side of town, I'm 66 and there's never been one.

"If you want a convenience store you'd have had to go into town, that's your closest store, so this will be absolutely fantastic for people living in the surrounding area and it'll be their new corner shop.

Store manager, Glynn Wilkinson, said: "It's been fantastic, it's been really well received, we've had lots of good feedback and we've signed up lots of new members which will make a big difference to both the store and the community which is what we aim to do.

"Hopefully we'll be busy and will continue to be busy and the store will succeed.

"We're one of the only retailers in Britain now where you can recycle all store-bought products and packaging, so if you've got a Co-op package you can either recycle it at home or you can recycle in-store.

Falmouth Packet: Glynn Wilkinson, store managerGlynn Wilkinson, store manager

"So if you've got something, please don't leave litter on the beach, it's not what we're about, it really isn't."

Reaction to the new seafront store has reportedly been overwhelmingly positive, with The Packet speaking to a number of residents who shared their thoughts with us on Gylly Beach's latest addition.

Local resident, Bob Wyatt, said: "For a small Co-op i think it will be very good.

"It's been long enough coming, I think they told me two years ago that it was going to open.

"But I'm glad to see it.

"I live along Cliff Road and it'll be handy to walk along and get bottles of wine mainly."

Falmouth Packet: The weather couldn't have been better for the new store's openingThe weather couldn't have been better for the new store's opening

Sarah Hayes said: "I'm just delighted.

"I'm amazed at how big it is, i thought it was going to be tiny.

"Because I only live up the road It's so convenient.

"I normally go to Co-op on Boslowick, but you have to get in the car.

"There's quite a lot of alcohol and glass bottles in there, so yeah, they really need to have proper recycling containers outside.

"There are some on the beach, but people will walk off the beach."

Mitchell, whose family is on holiday in Falmouth, said: "It's pretty clean and pretty modern, we were here two years ago and it wasn't here last time, so trying to get a drink and that when you're on the beach is pretty convenient."

Check out The Packet's gallery of the inside of the store by clicking through the main image at the top of this article.