Beachgoers in Falmouth are being warned to take their rubbish home with them after it being continually dumped by a cafe's bins.

Posting on their Facebook page, Life's a Beach Cafe said people leaving their rubbish by the bins after the cafe was closed was a "huge" fire risk.

The bins are designed for BBQ disposal only and dumping rubbish near or on them was dangerous.

Maenporth Beach has no litter facilities in the evenings and people should take their rubbish home, they say.

The beach is private and the waste is not collected by Cornwall Council and the private company has complained about the excessive amount of waste it has had to collect.

They warn if it continues to be a problem they will post pictures of the worst offenders on Facebook.

"This is a huge fire risk!!," they said in the post. "These bins, as the signs clearly say, are for BBQ disposal only!

"There are no litter facilities at the beach in the evenings. Once again you are required to TAKE HOME your litter that you bought with you and dispose of responsibly at home.

"This is not a council run beach, it’s private, they do not collect our waste.

"We have had a complaint from our Refuse Collection Company regarding the excess waste.

"You are on camera leaving your rubbish by these bins and if necessary we will post the images.

"It's not our waste - take it home!".

The post comes after a a number of bins were allegedly set on fire and destroyed causing a huge mess on Gyllyngvase Beach last week.

Gylly Beach Cafe put out the appeal on social media to try and find out who started three fires and caused the damage.


Beach cafe in Falmouth appeals to public after alleged arson on seafront

The Maenporth beach cafe itself was the victim of a devastating fire back in May 2019 which totally destroyed the roof and interiort.