Five projects have been chosen to take forward as Helston bids for £18 million in funding to transform the town.

Results from a two-day consultation event and two-week online survey back in May have now been published by the Helston Place-Shaping Board, showing the feedback on the proposed projects.

A total of 583 people attended the face-to-face event at the Guildhall over the two days and 165 people viewed the online project material during the consultation period. In total 885 pieces of feedback were received.

Dave Potter, from the Place-Shaping Board, said: "All of the projects received significant support, with some elements receiving over 90% agreement.

"This is an amazing response and with so many positive comments received, clearly indicates that residents are very keen to see improvements to their town."

You can read more about all the projects that were proposed here: Helston town centre redesign plans IN FULL images and diagrams

The group said that moving forward, the plan is to include the following projects in an £18 million bid to the national Levelling-Up Fund:

  • Refurbishment of the pavements and kennels
  • Improving Street-works to develop clear entrances to Helston

The latter involves improving The Parade entrance to Meneage Street and the Monument Road entrance at the double roundabout, to make it clearer to visitors where the town centre is and also make it easier for pedestrians to cross.

Also included in this are improvements to Horse and Jockey Lane by 'de-cluttering it', resurfacing it and relocating the handrail to make a wider, more accessible route, creating a green area between here and the car park, with terraced section for events or overflow parking.

The Levelling Up bid will not include any of the proposed changes to traffic flows, although the group said that, should it win the money, it would continue to work on the traffic part of the plans in parallel with the Levelling Up project, as a separate, longer-term exercise.

The bid is being supported by MP Derek Thomas, Cornwall Council and Helston Town Council.

How the top of Horse and Jockey Lane could look  Picture: MeiLoci

How the top of Horse and Jockey Lane could look Picture: MeiLoci

The projects have been developed by the group of residents over the last four years, and the bid will be submitted this month. The team will know if their bid has been successful in the autumn.

The most controversial elements, perhaps unsurprisingly, were the proposed changes to the layout of the town centre.

These, the group suggested, could include only allowing traffic to go one way down Coinagehall Street, reduce on-street parking to lower Wendron Street, widen street pavements and reduce on-street parking in one section of Meneage Street, at the bottom of Horse and Jockey Lane (with traffic flow and other parking remaining) and create a 'hopper' bus to bring people into the town centre from the outskirts.

A fifth of people responding (20%) disagreed with making Coinagehall Street one-way, although 72% agreed with the idea, and a quarter (25%) disagreed with any reduction in on-street parking, with only 63% agreeing. However, 92% of people liked the idea of a hopper bus.

The least popular idea turned out to be the proposed provision for cycle parking, with just 59% agreeing, 7% disagreeing and a third of people (34%) just putting 'don’t know'.

The proposed new look in front of the museum and top of Church Street  Picture: MeiLoci

The proposed new look in front of the museum and top of Church Street Picture: MeiLoci

The full survey results can be found at the bottom of the article and a full consultation report can be found on the Discover Helston website

Dave added: "The team would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has contributed to the consultation and helped along the way.

"We would welcome your continued engagement, comments and ideas, which can be submitted using the feedback facility on the website."

Below are the survey results, with the percentage of people who chose 'agree' to each statement under the different project headings. Where fewer than 80% of people have agreed then the percentage of those who chose 'disagree' or 'don't know' is also given.

Creating an attractive town centre

Overall positive proposal: 84%

Encourage longer stays: 77% (13% disagree, 10% don't know)

Promoting history and culture: 83%

Reduce on-street parking: 74% (16% disagree, 10% don't know)

Lower cost car parking: 92%

Improve Horse and Jockey gateway: 87%

Traffic flow in Helston town centre

Good access for visitors and residents: 86%

One way Coinagehall Street: 72% (20% disagree, 8% don’t know)

Changing bus routes: 76% (11% disagree, 13% don't know)

Reduction of on-street parking 63% (25% disagree, 12% don’t know)

Smaller town hopper bus: 92%

One way down Cross Street: 67% (20% disagree, 13% don’t know)

Traffic restriction in Church Street: 69% (19% disagree, 12% don’t know)

Helston’s Cultural Quarter

Public enjoyment spoiled by traffic: 96%

Create public space in Drill Hall Yard: 97%

Remove Guildhall fire escape stairs: 90%

Convert Guildhall, create new toilets: 82%

Level Market Place and extend granite area: 94%

Open ope from Market Place to CAST: 96%

Walking and cycling

Improve provision for cycling: 87%

Proposed provision for cycle parking: 59% (7% disagree, 34% don’t know)

New and improve road crossings: 91%

Improved links to broader network: 89%

Promote more walks in the area: 93%

Inclined to cycle and walk more: 79% (11% disagree, 10% don't know)

Developing a new community building in the town centre

Better community facilities for all: 96%

New community building at Budgens 87% (5% disagree, 8% don’t know)

Activity space for young people: 96%

Facilities and services from families: 96%

Facilities and services for all ages: 93%

Space for rest, talk and community support: 89%

A summary of the consultation responses

A summary of the consultation responses