Falmouth's Siobhan Garland is celebrating after being crowned women's over 55 national racketball champion at Edgbaston Priory in Birmingham over the weekend.

Siobhan (aka Shuv), who works at A&P in Falmouth, defeated her long time friend from Derby Lesley Sturgess winning 2/11, 11/9, 8/11, 16/14 and 11/9 across the games.

Siobhan, who is the squash and racketball coach at the Falmouth Sports Club and is sponsored by Castle Sports in Falmouth, had to be on her best to beat Sturgess, playing fantastic racketball throughout and crucially taking her chances when the opportunities arose.

Speaking to the Packet about her success she said:"I am over the moon with it! Lesley and I are good friends even though she is from Derby her daughters came to uni at Falmouth.

"Years ago we first met at a tournament and she beat me convincingly but we hit it off on court! We just got on and had a nice drink at the bar, months later I saw her at Trago. I thought 'that can't be Lesley she's from Derby.' It turned out she was visiting her daughters in Falmouth.

"She has won all sorts of tournaments and she really is at the top of her game. To beat her is a it mindblowing, it was hard work."

Siobhan revealed that her training programme leading up to the event had been heavily disrupted due to contracting Covid-19 but despite this she was able to recover in time and even managed get in some quick solo training in before the event.

There is no rest for Siobhan though as she prepares for another tournament in just a few weeks time, she said: "There is a tournament coming up in a month or so in Exeter in a series they do all around the UK.

"That'll be well attended by people, I am not sure there will be an age group for the ladies so I think I'll get put in with the over 55's men so that'll be a good run around. That's the next thing and I'll look forward to next year to hopefully retain my title."