A new Facebook page full of nostalgic images of past and present Helston folk has been created, for future generations to revisit in many years' time.

The Faces of Helston project was created by Simon Colgan, who moved to Helston when he was three and is the son of Mike Colgan an ex-policeman who worked in the town from 1971 until 1980.

After bumping into another an-ex policeman who worked with Simons's dad, it made him think of all the other people who worked with him.


Helston Museum curator Martin Matthews.

Retired Helston Museum curator Martin Matthews.


Simon then decided to track them down, and went to Helston's Museum of Cornish Life, and found pictures of Helston people who have passed away.

Simon wanted the future generations of Helston to be able to access an archive of people, past and present. After five years, Simon wants the page to go into the museum as a digital file, so that one day someone can pick it up and add it to the archive in the future.

Helston mayor Tim-Gratten Kane, Mark from Bowdens, Jane Pett from JP Fitness, and Becky from The Lakeside Cafe, along with many others make an appearance on the page.

The late Fred Angove, Jimmy Todman, Noel Perry, and Eric Taylor are also featured on the page.


Noel Perry, Helstons reporter for 40 years until his death in 2013.

Noel Perry, Helston's reporter for 40 years until his death in 2013.


Along with the faces of people in Helston, there are also images of shops, businesses, and scenery around the town.

Unfortunately, there are some people Simon does not hae images of, including Roland 'Chiefy' Holton who passed away in September 2021 - a well-known man in Helston who founded Swallows Youth Club and was youth leader at Helston Youth Club along with his wife Muriel. A memorial bench for Chiefy is outside Helston Central Methodist Church, for people to come and remember him.


Fred Angove, Helstons Macebearer for 30 years.

Fred Angove, Helston's Macebearer for 30 years.


Simon works at Cornwall College where he teaches photography and media, he is also a photographer himself. His students have recently got involved with the Faces of Helston project, by taking portrait pictures and shooting a short film of Helston.

To see the page, visit Facebook and search: www.facebook.com/groups/462681258924162 - you will then be prompted to request to join.