A lollipop lady at King Charles School in Falmouth provided safe, supervised crossings for kids and parents for the last time today.

Sue Johns, 61 has worked at the crossing on Albany Road adjacent to the primary school for 17 years but said that a lack of funding from Cormac, who provide highway and maintenance services in Cornwall, was the reason why she had worked her last day in the role on Friday afternoon.

Sue told the Packet: "Cormac have pulled the funding (for the role), they say it is not a viable crossing anymore. They do a car count and they say it is not busy enough. I am really sad, really sad.

"It is a lovely school, full of lovely children and I have been doing it for so long I will definitely miss it."

Falmouth Packet: Sue Johns, 61 worked her last shift as a lollipop lady this afternoonSue Johns, 61 worked her last shift as a lollipop lady this afternoon

Sue explained how she has seen a lot of young children grow up during her tenure with some even returning with sons and daughters of their own. She said: "The children are lovely, the parents are lovely, I will really miss it. It has been a big part of my life, a long time.

"Lots of children have gone through and their younger siblings have come through. I have seen people grow up and even come back with their own children."

On her final morning Sue was delighted to receive 'plenty' of flowers and gifts from both parents, an pupils who wished her well for the future. "I got plenty! (of gifts)" Sue began. "This morning I had loads dropped off to me, it was a really lovely gesture and I really appreciated it."

Sue extended her thanks and gratitude to all the pupils, parents and teachers she has met across her 17 year spell in the role.

The Packet has contacted Cornwall Council for a statement and are awaiting a response.

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