Two new houses are to be built in one of Helston's conservation areas, on one of the main roads through the town centre.

Cornwall Council has granted conditional approval to the building of two houses on land to the bottom of the gardens of Ioway and Pol Dor. Both these properties are in Sanctuary Lane, but the two new houses would be built on and accessed via Godolphin Road.

In granting permission, the council has issued a number of conditions, including that a construction traffic management plan must be put in place while work takes place to excavate the land and then build the two-bedroom houses.

In their report, the planning officer wrote: "The application site is located on one of the main busy routes out of Helston and extensive works will be required to excavate the roadside bank to accommodate the development.

"Moreover, many existing residents do not have the benefit of designated parking provision at their properties and use the highway for this purpose."

They said the plan would include details of construction vehicles, delivery hours and parking for site operatives, and was "deemed necessary in the interests of resident living conditions and maintaining a safe and efficient highway network in this location," which is a one-way street. 

The land is said to have been the playing field for a school in the past, and before that the school was the Helston Workhouse in circa 1840s.

Outline permission was granted back in 2016 but now the details have been confirmed.


Land in Godolphin Road will be excavated in order for the houses to be built Picture: S2S Architects/Cornwall Council

Land in Godolphin Road will be excavated in order for the houses to be built Picture: S2S Architects/Cornwall Council

A document accompanying the planning application, from S2S Architects states: "The proposed development would represent a highly efficient use of land, whilst at the same time providing high-quality living environment for future occupants.

"It is proposed to have off street parking next to each building with stairs to terrace, allocated to the rear of buildings. Building layouts are so called 'upside down' ones, where bedrooms are located on lower floor with kitchen, dining and living area on first floor."

They added that the park would be sufficient for two vehicles, to "avoid impacting the current parking situation on Godolphin Road."

There have been some amendments to the plans, following concerns raised by the town council and other interested parties.

Initially the town council had recommended refusal, due to concerns over the proposed materials to be used to build the houses, as well as the distance between No 1 Godolphin Road and the adjacent proposed property not being sufficient to allow access for maintenance, fears that it could cause further stability issues to an already weakened wall, and that the proposed dropped kerb would impact upon the kennel as a listed structure and not be in keeping with the conservation area, along with the removal of the large Cornish hedge.

The development site adjoins the section of wall that has collapsed onto the pavement.

However, the council has since supported the amended plans, which include changes to the kennel cross and building materials.

One of the plots has also been moved further from the neighbour to provide a metre gap, and in response to the highway officer's concerns both houses have been set back by a further metre, for pedestrian safety.