A kayaker who lost his phone in the sea as he capsized was left in the water for 45 minutes before being spotted and rescued.

Now Falmouth RNLI has warned of the importance of taking safety devices when out on the water.

Falmouth RNLI’s volunteer lifeboat crew launched on Friday to reports of a kayaker at Portholland who had capsized and was unable to get back aboard.

The kayaker was not wearing a Personal Floatation Device and had lost his phone at sea. A fisherman on the rocks spotted the man in difficulty and alerted the coastguard.

Luckily, before Falmouth’s inshore lifeboat, Robina Nixon Chard, reached the scene, the man was spotted by another kayaker who was passing by and helped to transport him back ashore.

On arrival, lifeboat helm Lloyd Barron dropped two of the crew on land to attend to the casualty. The kayaker, who was hypothermic from being in the water for a long period of time, was warmed up and given oxygen before being transported back to Falmouth Lifeboat Station for further medical treatment from paramedics.

Jonathan Blakeston, coxswain of Falmouth RNLI, said: “We would like to commend the two members of the public who spotted the kayaker in the water and did the right thing by raising the alarm immediately and helping him safely back to shore. Time is always of the essence in these situations.

"We encourage anyone setting out in a kayak or craft of any size to carry a means of calling for help in a waterproof pouch and to wear a Personal Floatation Device.

“Always try to paddle with a friend or group if you can. If you are going alone, make sure you tell someone where you’re going and when you’ll be back so they can raise the alarm with the Coastguard if you’re overdue, by calling 999 or 112.”