CAMPAIGNERS have thanked all of the 9,000 people who made generous donations to save fishing buildings from redevelopment after the final structure was purchased.

The Cadgwith Fishing Cove Trust has announced it has just completed the purchase of Fort York in Cadgwith. This completes the purchase of all the fishing buildings in Cadgwith, protecting them all from development for the fishermen of Cadgwith forever.

Fort York is a large and complex fishing loft and is the most important set of buildings to all the fishermen as it houses the ice machine and cold room that is used by all, as well as a fish shop and numerous small fishing lofts.

The purchase of the freehold of this third building is the final step of a three-step plan to save the fishing buildings, the first being to secure the Winch House (having leased it from the Parish Council on a 125-year lease), the second being the purchase of the freehold of Steamers House.

The map shows the land boundaries edged in red, with each of the three buildings highlighted.

The map shows the land boundaries edged in red, with each of the three buildings highlighted.

The focus of Cadgwith Fishing Cove Trust will now shift to the repair, running, maintaining, and improving these buildings for the fishermen of Cadgwith.

"The legal process took far longer than we ever anticipated, but having now achieved our goal, there is a real sense of relief and gratitude," said the trust in a Facebook post.

"We would not have believed three years ago this was even possible. It seemed an unachievable dream, but it has come true solely thanks to huge public support."

They said they would especially wish to thank Luke Pavey and his team at Frank Films who brought the fisherman’s plight to national attention on BBC2 with “Cornwall: This Fishing Life”,

"And we must not forget the teams at BBC Spotlight, ITV Westcountry, BBC Radio Cornwall, all the local newspapers, all of whose support also helped send our fundraising effort into the stratosphere.

The final building has been bought by the trust

The final building has been bought by the trust

"We also wish to pay tribute to the former owners whose custodianship over many years have kept the buildings running and out of the hands of developers over many decades. We are pleased to take over as the new custodian of all these properties."


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They also thanked Grade Ruan Parish Council for purchasing the Winch House, and for agreeing to lease it to them, and all the parishioners of Grade Ruan for their support of the project, both vocally and financially.

"However we especially would like to thank the nearly 9,000 people who made such generous donations to the Crowdfunder campaign, and the auction with held with David Lay (whom we thank also), and the many others who raised money in many different ways.

"We simply could not have done it without you."

"Thank you all for making our dream a reality."