Falmouth Town captain James Ward is targeting a fast start for his side as they prepare for their Western League curtain raiser tomorrow afternoon.

Town are playing in the division for the first time since the 1982/83 season and will begin their campaign with a home match against Wellington at Bickland Park.

With kick off at 3pm and a sunny outlook forecast for the league start, which is beginning earlier than usual, Ward is hoping that Falmouth can put on a show for an expected bumper crowd at Bickland Park. He told the Packet: "It is just one of those, at this time of year it is Saturday, Tuesday, Saturday, Tuesday. It is one of those where we have to get off to a fast start, we have to get that W. There is nothing else we are looking at really.

"I think we need to make a statement if I am honest. I think a few teams will be looking at us and thinking 'are they all about it? Are they ready for the Western league?'

"Last year with all due respect sometimes it was quite easy, some say 'now you're in a bigger league can you cope with it?' I think we have the right personnel for the game tomorrow.

"They are coming down to us which is definitely an added bonus for us. I think if we get off to a fast start, if we get those three points straight away from the first game that will be us set for the couple of games after this."

Town earned their spot in the Western League following a historic season last time out where they won the South West Peninsula League West, plus the Cornwall Senior Cup and lastly the Champions Bowl in May.

Ward, who is an astute figure at the heart of Town's backline, was a regular throughout the lastย campaign, and was part of a solid backline that shipped just 30 goals in 32 league outings last season to become the league's meanest defence.

The towering centre half did prove to be a vital asset at the other end of the pitch too, finding the back of the 13 times (mostly headers from corners), to become Falmouth's fifth top scorer in the league an impressive feat for a defender.

Speaking ahead of their step five return, Town's skipper believes his side have more than proven themselves worthy of a place in the league following the successes of last season. He said:"It's a momentous time for the club, we have had chats around the changing rooms about how long Falmouth have been away from the Western League.

"It is going to be a special time for the club, especially for those who have been in and around the club for a long time and seen the huge ups and downs and trying to see the club back to where it should be.

"It is great to be a part of that. To lead the team out, I am sure there will be a bumper crowd there tomorrow to see us out. It is exciting times for sure.

"We should have been here a year or two ago if I am honest. We have proven ourselves last year and we hope to continue that to the Western League."

This season will be the last campaign before the leagues are reshuffled with Falmouth's opponents in the division stretching as far as north of Bristol but Ward is relishing the challenge and certainly has no fear of the unknown.

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"There is a lot of excitement, it is like going into a fresh start." He began.ย "There are a good half the teams in this league that we really don't know anything about and I think that is quite refreshing sometimes not knowing anything about specific players or formations.

"There are new grounds to go to as well so you don't know what you'll come up against.

"For the last couple of years we were of the knowing of teams inside out, knowing who you were coming up against each week it becomes a bit monotonous and you can try and cancel that out quite easily.

"As soon as you step onto the field you get a feel of how these teams will play and I personally prefer that. You don't get caught up with who you will be playing against, it's a nice refreshing thing not just for me but I am sure the boys will vouch for that as well.

Ward expects a step up from last season's Peninsula league and knows Town will have to adapt well to different types of opposition in this upcoming season. He said: "I probably would say it is going to be very similar to what it was three years ago with the old Peninsula League with the Devon and Cornwall teams, the likes of Parkway, Tavy, Cullompton and Ivybridge.

"It was a very competitive league so I would say it would be in and around that in the same sort of standard. It will be nice playing against teams in Dorset, Somerset and North Devon. New teams that is the most exciting thing from our end. Do I think everyone will have the same style of football? Probably not but that might be quite nice.

"There a few possession based teams and a few who like to play a bit more direct and we will have to adapt to every single game and relish the challenge in front of us. If you look at our recruitment we have got in quite a few young players, in my eyes I see myself as a young player but clearly not anymore!

"I am nearly touching my 30's now and have to be that different player and try and guide players through the game as oppose to a few years ago I was looking at elder players to help me through."

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