A train ticket proved particularly pricey for a Truro man when what should have cost £4.30 ended up costing him more than £668.

Jack Michael Donnelly, of Treworder Road, failed to pay for a ticket when he used a Great Western Railway (GWR) train on January 22 this year.

The case was before Plymouth District Magistrates' Court last month and it was proved in his absence that he did this intentionally, to avoid payment.

This is an offence under the Regulation of Railways Act 1889, which remains active today.

The 26-year-old has now been sentenced to pay the £4.30 cost of the ticket as compensation to GWR.

However, in addition he was also ordered to pay a fine of £440 to the court, plus £180 Crown Prosecution Costs and a £44 surcharge to fund victim surcharges.

It meant that instead of paying the £4.30 cost of the ticket, he ended up with a grand total of £668.30 to pay.