Police in Devon and Cornwall have released data on the number and kind of crimes taking place in Truro throughout May 2022.

The data, which The Packet has organised into a crime map, shows the types of crimes that have taken place as well as the approximate locations in which the offences occurred.

Devon and Cornwall Police divide the crime types into categories - Anti-social behaviour, burglary, other theft, criminal damage and arson, public order offences, shoplifting, violent and sexual offences, drugs, vehicle crime, bicycle theft, possession of weapons, and other crime.

The specific offences that fall under these categories are not included with the data that D&C Police have made public.

The three most common categories of crimes committed in Truro are violent and sexual offences, anti-social behaviour, and shoplifting.

You can explore the data using the interactive map below.

The full number of instances of crimes reported in Truro for May 2022 are as follows:

Violent and sexual crimes - 67

Anti-social behaviour - 58

Shoplifting - 36

Criminal damage and arson - 23

Other thefts - 13

Public order - 13

Burglary - 6

Drugs - 6

Other crime - 5

Vehicle Crime - 2

Bicycle theft - 1

Possession of weapons - 1

The data also provides an insight into the areas of Truro that have had the highest number of crimes committed over the month of May.

The most popular being the Boscawen Street Shopping Area with 14 criminal incidents.

In second place was outside the Co-Op opposite Lemon Street with eleven criminal incidents.

Interestingly, the area with the third most instances of criminal offences during May was the Royal Cornwall Hospital at Treliske, with nine incidents.

The Packet will be investigating police data further and will bring you more insights once we've sorted through the numbers.

If you have any suggestions as to what kind of insights you'd like to see, send an email to ryan.morwood@newsquest.co.uk and let us know.