An ice cream van driver has felt the ripples of ridicule on social media after he managed to get his vehicle stuck on the beach at Polzeath.

The unidentified driver in a yellow ice cream van got themselves well and truly frozen to the spot yesterday afternoon. The picture was taken by local Andy Brenton who captioned it 'Can't park there!" and saying: "Polzeath attempting to claim another victim."

The summer season leads to a spate of tourists getting their vehicles stuck in the sand and having them washed away by the incoming tide, it has happened a number of times already this year, but a stuck ice cream van seems to be a first.

Many people expressed surprise that a local could get themselves stuck in the sand when they didn't have the excuse of being a tourist, although it was pointed out that the driver may not be local and didn't realise the dangers of driving onto a beach.

Dave Nolan said: "You'd think by the ice cream truck he LIVES here and would know that's a dumb idea!" While Alan Howard said: "Should no better than go on the beach in that."

Of course the stranding also brought out a host of ice cream jokes. Michael Fisher posted: "Stop me and buy one" while Jason Pengelly said: "Can't serve ice cream there mate."

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