The extra hot weekend proved to be a busy period for the Lizard Lifeboat team with a number of callouts over the two days.

On Saturday they were called out just before 9pm a lost swimmer in the area of Mullion Cove.

However, just after launching the swimmer was reported to be rescued by paddleboarders who escorted the swimmer to a nearby fishing vessel that took her to shore at Mullion Harbour.

On Sunday, August 14 the crew were twice sprung into action as they were tasked to help carry out a medical evacuation of a female casualty from Pentreath Beach, The Lizard. When they reached the scene the patient was in need of urgent medical attention.

Second Coxswain Darren Thirlaway advised that the smaller Y-boat was to be deployed to collect the casualty from the beach where she was then safely transferred to the lifeboat.

The service was required yet again on Sunday evening at 8:30pm to locate and help a yacht which was approximately five miles south of the Lizard Point following some prop related concerns which meant that the crew had attempted to sail to the nearest available port.

But to their dismay a lack of wind meant that the yacht had become stuck and unable to move.

The lifeboat crew were then able to tow the vessel back to Falmouth Harbour before heading bac to the station at the lizard at 12:15am.