A lasting memorial for a man known as 'Alfred the Great' has been unveiled in Helston today.

Popular former shopkeeper Alfie Merritt, who was also referred to as a 'legend of Helston' following his death in May, had been diagnosed with a brain tumour a year earlier.

You can read a full tribute to him here: Farewell to 'legend of Helston' as retired shopkeeper dies at 82

Now his involvement with Helston Cricket Club has been recognised, with his partner of 36 years, Deirdre Childs, officially raising a new flag above the clubhouse.

The familiar blue flag used to fly at every home match, but has been missing for an estimated 20 years, since the clubhouse extension was built.

Alfie was president of Helston Cricket Club for 11 years, organising several charity matches to raise funds, and following his death Deirdre decided she wanted to see the flag flying again, in his memory.

Upon hearing of the plan, David Frew, a former chairman of the club for 25 years, including during Alfie's time as president, then paid for a plaque to be put on the clubhouse, next to the flag rope, in recognition.

It reads: "This flag is in memory of Alfie Merritt, a long-standing president, supporter and friend of Helston Cricket Club. Plaque kindly donated by David Frew."

He described it as "a great memorial for Alfie", adding: "He will be happy to see the flag flying again."

Deirdre and Peter flying the new flag above the clubhouse for the first time

Deirdre and Peter flying the new flag above the clubhouse for the first time

Before flying the new flag for the first time, Deirdre said: "Alfie, with support of lots of people, raised lots of money for the club. In particular, he put his hand into this pocket when they were getting the extension done here."

She told the story of how Alfie also sponsored the club's cricket caps every year, but was "very disappointed" when they arrived and were red (the colour the club wears) saying that as a town "Helston's colours are blue" – as reflected in the town flag and Helston Town Band's uniforms among others.

Deirdre said it was not just Alfie who offered the club so much support but also Greg Nicholas, Ken Liddicoat and Gordon Opie among others, saying "this flag is for all of them," and adding: "This is a celebration of Alfie's life, but also to celebrate all the other people that have done so much for Helston Cricket Club, to make it the great cricket club it is today.

"By golly you're a good team, and Helston is proud of you."

Popular Helston resident and retired shopkeeper Alfie Merritt died in May

Popular Helston resident and retired shopkeeper Alfie Merritt died in May

Playing today for place at top of the league, Helston cricketers wore the red caps that Alfie had sponsored.

Alfie moved to Helston in the early 1970s and is perhaps best known for his shop in Trengrouse Way, A&C Merritt's – a favourite with schoolchildren at St Michael's School for spending their 'tuck money' on sweets during the 70s and 80s, and famous for Alfie's home-cooked ham and bacon.

Since his death, Deirdre has been raising money for the Brain Tumour Trust, with the help of friends. Over the last three months they have raised more than £3,000 for the charity, including money collected at the funeral in lieu of flowers, which was shared between the charity and Helston Town Band, and can still be donated via https://alfiemerritt.muchloved.com

Most recently, a charity tea party hosted by Melanie James and her husband at their home at Pemboa, featuring music from the Ritzy Belles, raised £1,500.