Reports have revealed that the head of state, King Charles III is seeking to amend the law in what would mean a change to the roles of Prince Harry and Prince Andrew.

If passed the King's law change would ensure only working members of the Royal Family, would become counsellors of state. 

Currently, the counsellors of state positions are reserved for the spouse of the sovereign along with the next four people in line for the throne aged over 21.

If a situation arose that saw a monarch not able to undertake their official duties as head of state over a temporary period, due to ill health or absence abroad, two or more counsellors would be appointed by Letters Patent to act in their place.

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That currently means that Prince William, Prince Harry, Prince Andrew and Princess Beatrice would be able to take on the monarch’s duties.

However, the shake-up could see the Dukes of Sussex and York, along with Princess Beatrice, all losing their roles as official stand-ins for the sovereign, due to not being working royals. 

If the law was changed, the King would be able to promote his brother Prince Edward and Princess Royal to the positions instead, according to the Telegraph.

Although it is rare for counsellors of states to be needed, back in May Charles and William stood in for the Queen during the state opening of Parliament.

Any change in the law would require legislation to be agreed by the Houses of Parliament.