Trewithen, a privately owned estate near Truro, looks set to see an increase in visitor numbers this year thanks to a new marketing strategy that has been overseen by Hudson Armstrong Design.

The strategy has included re-branding, developing a new website, installing new signage and employing Sue Bradbury PR to write copy and undertake an awareness raising campaign through the media.

The gardens at Trewithen are open from the beginning of April to the end of September each year. The house, which has been owned and lived in by the same family for nearly three hundred years, is also open to the public on certain days and times. Whilst the historic estate is both beautiful and fascinating, however, it is a home and one of Hudson Armstrong's principal challenges has been to promote the estate in a way that sets it apart from other garden attractions.

"As well as being a beautiful place that boasts outstanding plant collections, Trewithen also has the special charm of being a much-loved family estate,'" said Jo Downie, Hudson Armstrong's sales and marketing manager. "It is not a mainstream attraction that sets out to get as many people as possible through its gates all year round but a rare and exceptional place of interest which is only open during the spring and summer months and which is essentially a much-loved home. Visitors are warmly encouraged - but only within that context. Our marketing and public relations campaign tries to reflect that message."