People walking the South West Coast Path at Coverack this morning were shocked to find a car parked across the pedestrian footpath.

American tourists in a rental car are said to have parked the expensive looking black Mercedes outside what was thought to be a holiday rental.

Falmouth Packet: Kevin LennoxKevin Lennox (Image: Kevin Lennox)

Posting the picture Zoe Glavin said: "SW Coast Path in Coverack this morning.

"Of course Hollibob has to park outside their holiday rental - even if it is a only a pedestrian footpath!"

Falmouth Packet: Zoe GlavinZoe Glavin (Image: Zoe Glavin)

The car was completely blocking the path and how it got there in the first place, remains a mystery.

Mo Olds posted: "Brilliant not sure I’d wanna drive a car worth that money up there to be honest it’s a lovely Merc."

Peter Montgomery defended the owners saying: "Maybe they where only unloading the car for a minute"

Falmouth Packet: Kevin LennoxKevin Lennox (Image: Kevin Lennox)

However Zoe Glavin said the car was stuck there for several hours before being hauled away by a pick up truck

"It was a very long minute," she said. "After several hours of being completely stuck they had to be hauled back up the path by a local breakdown truck."


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Tim Ansell posted: "This humble village occupants must appreciate that the steep hill and lack of bang outside the door parking doesn't appeal to upcountry folk. It's at least a five minute walk from the nearest free parking facility in the Parish Car park.

"Strewth.... Some people!!!"