Helston’s dreams of progressing in the FA Cup turned into a “Weston-Super-Nightmare” for the club as they faced a heavy defeat this afternoon.

The Blues were playing away at Weston Super Mare’s Optima Stadium for the Third Round Qualifying match of domestic football’s most famous tournament.

Helston started well, with their opening described as “bright” by the club.

However, it was Weston that got the first chance at goal - but it was booted over from the edge of the area.

Weston kept up the attack though, and with just ten minutes of the match gone the home side got their first goal of the night, with a finish from Reuben Reid.

The Blues picked up the pace after conceding, with some good play receiving plenty of support from the watching crowd.

Sadly the elusive goal remained out of reach and at 18 minutes Weston sunk Helston’s hopes even lower by clinching their second goal, when some clever footwork down the right flank landed a ball into the box that was finished off by Jackson.

It was a pattern that continued, with Murray and Bastin continuing the pressure down the right hand side.

This was dangerous play for Helston, whose inability to shut it down proved ultimately fatal as the Blues conceded a third in the 31st minute – the afternoon turning into, as the club so aptly described it on Twitter, an “absolute Weston-Super-Nightmare”.

There would be no let up in the goal onslaught of the first half, however, and Helston had to suffer seeing a fourth for the Seagulls land in their net before the half-time whistle was blown.

The Blues faced a steep hill to climb to come back from that, but as the Second Round replay showed - when Helston came back from two goals down at half-time to clinch a 4-3 win against Bishop's Cleeve - anything is possible.

It looked as though whatever manager Matt Cusack had said to his side was working its magic again when, just two minutes into the second half, Tom Payne pulled one back with what was described as “an absolute pearler.”

This was not to be their day, however. Lacking the full swell of support from a home crowd - despite Helston providing free coach transport up to the match - the boys in blue just could not find enough to come back from such a heavy loss in the first half.

With just under an hour gone in the match, Weston pulled back their four-goal lead by clinching their fifth of the afternoon.

A penalty for Weston – albeit “looking a bit dubious from the other end of the pitch” – made it six, as Reid found the back of the net again.

When a scuffed clearance from Helston was capitalised on by Jackson, for Weston-Super-Mare’s seventh, it was clear the match was only going to end one way now.

Helston refused to give up their fight, however, and in the 75th minute Rubin Wilson put in a neat one near the post for a consolation goal for the blues.

With defeat now all but conceded, Helston gave some of their younger members a chance for some FA Cup match experience, subbing on Tripconey and Hill in the closing minutes.

With the blow of the final whistle and a 7-2 defeat in front of them, Helston’s historic run had ended.

However, the Blues have shown their true metal in this tournament, propelling the side further than they have ever come in the FA Cup in the club’s 126-year history.

Speaking briefly about the defeat on Twitter after the match, Helston Athletic said: “That’s full time, the dream is over, but it’s been a good run.

“Quality side in Weston-Super-Mare.”

Starting for Helston were: C Harvey, I Burdon, J Copp, J Storey (captain), H Jewell, J Bentley, T Payne, T Elliott, R Wilson, R Shepherd, S Carter, with S Colwell, R Hill, J Tripconey, J Simmonds, T Hands and K Daughtery on the bench.

Helston's FA Cup journey:

Extra Preliminary Round: Street 1-2 Helston Athletic (R. Wilson, R. Shepherd)

Preliminary Round: Helston Athletic 2-1 Falmouth Town (R. Shepherd x2)

First Round Qualifying Round: Torpoint Athletic 1-2 Helston Athletic (T. Payne, R. Shepherd)

Second Round Qualifying: Bishop's Cleeve 3-3 Helston Athletic (S. Colwell, R. Wilson, T. Payne)

Second Round Qualifying replay: Helston Athletic 4-3 Bishop's Cleeve (M. Bye, R. Wilson, R. Shepherd)

Third Round Qualifying: Weston-Super-Mare 7-2 Helston Athletic (T. Payne, R Wilson)