The tide was fast flowing and the winds, as promised in the forecasts, were strong northerly ranging from thirteen to twenty knots.

The rapidly diminishing beach as the tide raced in was soon littered with the full range of dinghies that Restronguet offers on such a good day.

Mirrors, B14s, 29er, RS 200 and 800 plus a Waszp, a Europe and the usual Aeros and Lasers.

Race Officer Henry Metcalf stationed Oyster and the start line over on the edges of the Mylor Harbour moorings so that the course ran across in front of the club and then back around close to St Just.

The general clamour later in the club suggested this had been as good as perfect and there was some terrific racing.

Inevitably in such conditions there was a degree of attrition!

Falmouth Packet: The tide was fast flowing and the winds were strong during the Class PursuitThe tide was fast flowing and the winds were strong during the Class Pursuit

Spinnakers tangling was the least of these, worse was a snapped B14 mast with sail damage, a shredded jib on B14 and a Mirror, a sheared foil on the Waszp as well as retirements where discretion was the better part of valour!

Noticeable was that all the very junior sailors stuck at it to the bitter and cold end to score much valued points in the series.

Splendid stuff, congratulations to those new crews and new partnerships as the club needs its youth to survive.

Results are on the Restronguet web site but doing well in the first race were Tim Laws in his Europe, Angela Pook and Simon Loveridge in their Aeros in medium handicap.

In asymmetrics Rose Hallam, Milly Tregaskes and Freya Brown all in RS200s were the leaders.

Stuart Sly in his Dart18 led the catamaran fleet; Sheridan Brown in his Contender the fast handicap; Poppy Luxton and Lara Odling fought out their battles in the Laser fleet, both in 4.7 rigs.

The turbo fleet always seems to get hearts racing with their speed and the leaders were a Musto Skiff, two RS800s and a Waszp; George Cousins, Ralph Singleton, Jack Elsby-Hartman and Will Symonds respectively.

Mirrors did compete in the slow handicap but results are still being processed.