A beauty salon has been given permission to launch a new service where people can watch movies in a private cinema and enjoy alcoholic drinks.

No 3 Lash and Brow House in Nalders Court, Truro, has been granted a premises licence by Cornwall Council.

The licence application went before the council’s licensing act sub committee and was unanimously approved. There had been one objection from an anonymous objector who claimed that approving the application would lead to noise and public nuisance.

It was also explained that Truro is a Cumulative Impact Zone, which allow licensing authorities to limit the number of licensed premises in the area and the objector had said that it was unsuitable to grant another licence.

However, the committee heard from Keira Latham-Byrne, owner of the salon, who explained that the nature of the business meant that she would be adhering to the licensing objectives and there was no chance of any public nuisance.

She explained that she had owned the business for more than nine years and had previously operated a Champagne and nail bar from another location in Truro, and had recently moved to Nalders Court.

“I will hopefully diversify, partly as the current economic climate hasn’t been kind to us and because it is such a large building and we want to use the space. It will mainly be used by clients or friends and family.”

One councillor asked if there was a demand for film screenings among customers, to which Keira replied: “A lot of them have moved here from London; in London it is quite popular to have that as a private venue for the evening, especially for couples who want a more romantic setting than going to the cinema. Or it can be used by families or for young ladies who want a bit more privacy and time with each other rather than a cinema.”

The salon owner said that she had never had any issues with the police or environmental health at her previous licensed premises and said that there were unlikely to be any issues with noise as it would be a silent cinema with headphones for those watching the films.


In response to a question she explained that she had permission to screen films and that she would follow all British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) ratings on any films which are shown.

The anonymous objector did not attend the committee meeting to explain the reasons for their objections but the committee had read them all ahead of the hearing.

In their decision the committee said that they had considered all the evidence provided and noted that no representations had been received from the relevant authorities. They said that the applicant had demonstrated that they would uphold the licensing objectives and that whilst Truro is a Cumulative Impact Zone they did not consider that the salon would have any impact on that.