THE LIBERAL Democrat candidate for Truro and Falmouth has called upon the government to scrap what she describes as a 'tax on the sick'

According to new figures released by the NHS, patients and visitors in Cornwall shelled out £466,522 in hospital car parking fees last year.

Cornwall's Liberal Democrats called the fees a "tax on the sick" and urged the Government to take action to scrap car parking fees for patients and visitors during the cost of living emergency.

This would be paid for by the government instead of coming out of overstretched hospital budgets.

Ruth Gripper, Liberal Democrat candidate for Truro and Falmouth said:

"As our hospitals are pushed to breaking point it is local people who are paying the price.

"This is a tax on the sick and a tax on caring in Cornwall. People in Cornwall not only have to worry about terrible waiting times and understaffed hospitals, but also whether they can even afford to visit loved ones.

"Public transport often is not an option for people trying to get to hospital, and the cost of parking on top of the price of fuel is just one more stress for people, at what is already a very stressful time.

"The government should provide the funding needed to scrap parking charges for patients and relatives.

"It is completely wrong that local residents have to shell out thousands of pounds to see their ill loved ones during this cost of living emergency."