Detailed plans have gone in that could see the first phase begin of what will ultimately be up to 404 new homes built in Helston.

Persimmion Homes has submitted detailed plans for land adjacent to Clodgey Lane and Gay’s Hill, following outline planning permission being granted back in March 2017 for up to 404 properties.

Now the ‘reserved matters’ application looks to determine the detailed layout and access to the site, including a new roundabout on the main road, where there is currently a junction leading down to the waste and recycling centre.

At the same time, the company has also asked for pre-application advice from Cornwall Council, over a proposed initial phase of development including 146 houses and 30 apartments, together with the use of a proposed pedestrian/cycle link as temporary site access, to enable development of the greenfield site.

The site, previously referred to as the ‘HX2’ site as one of three in the Helston Framework Consultation Document found to have the potential for development of houses, was originally owned by developer David Martin at the time of the initial application.

Falmouth Packet: A red dot showing the development siteA red dot showing the development site (Image: Google Maps)

Now Persimmion Homes is in control of the 46-acre (18.6 hectare) piece of land, which is currently a ‘greenfield’ site used as agricultural land.

In its application to Cornwall Council, the company suggests that the creation of the new roundabout on the A394, Clodgey Lane was needed to “provide sufficient deflection to vehicles approaching the junction and slow vehicles sufficiently to ensure the safe operation of the junction.”

This, it said, would “have a knock-on effect of slowing vehicles generally as they pass along the A394, which is currently a busy route with very little in the way of design features that are capable of controlling traffic speeds.”

The proposal also incorporates a pedestrian crossing point just up from the site junction, in the form of a toucan crossing, near to the navy estate entrance.

And there are also proposals to replace the existing mini roundabout on Gay’s Hill with a raised table junction outside the waste and recycling centre, which would incorporate a footway and cycleway. This junction could incorporate mini-roundabout marking if required, it states.

Falmouth Packet: The proposed new roundabout and pedestrian crossing on Clodgey Lane, as well changes to the mini roundabout in Gay's HillThe proposed new roundabout and pedestrian crossing on Clodgey Lane, as well changes to the mini roundabout in Gay's Hill (Image: Persimmion Homes / Cornwall Council)

In response to the pre-application advice over the first phase of building, the council’s Highway Development Management – East has stated: “Although not clear, it is assumed from the information submitted that the intended temporary construction access would be through the pedestrian, bus and emergency route which connects into the business park.

“In principle this would be acceptable subject to the submission of a revised Construction Traffic Management Plan.

“Notwithstanding the above, the road internal to the business park appears to be outside of the ownership/control of the applicants and is not currently adopted by the Local Highway Authority. As such any future application would need to address this and show a link within the red line boundary to the adopted highway, which currently terminates at the Maytree roundabout.”

They said they would look for a condition ensuring that the main access on Clodgey Lane, along with an internal estate road, was built before anyone moved into the first phase of houses.

They also added: “If the intended route of access is via the lane leading to Tresprison Business Park I would have concerns, given the route is a public right of way shared between vehicles/pedestrians, narrow in width and lacking passing places.”

Both applications can be viewed on the Cornwall Council website, reference PA22/08178 for the detailed layout plans and PA22/01777/PREAPP for the pre-application advice. It is also possible to leave public comments on the applications.