The report of the delivery driver being fined this week for littering after throwing a parking ticket on the street, puts me in mind of dog walkers who pick up their pet’s poo in a poo bag then hang it from the nearest branch - they always expect someone else to pick it up.

Not only did the delivery driver park on double yellow lines, he used the ticket he’d been given to litter the street right in front of the enforcement officer, costing him a cool £2,000.

If only these enforcement officers could be employed to tackle the scourge of those who leave ‘Cornish earrings’ to decorate our countryside.

And don’t get me started on fast food containers being thrown from car windows. An epidemic that seems to be getting worse and worse.

Poo bag discarders are the worst though, at least the fast food litterers are honest about it.

The poo bag brigade always seem to leave a promise of their return. They carefully pick up the poo, tie a little knot in it and then carefully lay it at the side of the path or hang it in the hedge with the promise, ‘ooh look we were so careful, were definitely going to pick it up on our way back round’, but of course they never do.

At least if dog owners don’t pick up the poo it’s just going to bio-degrade. What sort of person puts the mess in a plastic bag and just leaves it there where it can fester for decades? Sort it out!