The Maritime Coastguard Agency confirmed this week that no official complaint had been received from a Falmouth dive boat concerning an alleged near miss with a Royal Navy survey vessel off Pendennis Point last month. (May).

Allegations had been made by divers operating off the diving vessel Cousin Jack that HMS Enterprise had gone too close while they were diving in Falmouth Bay resulting in a near collision. Two divers were still in the water and said there could have been a nasty accident.

This week the MCA confirmed that they were not carrying out an investigation.

"We have received no report from the dive vessel and it cannot be taken any further. It is a naval investigation, not ours," he said. Whether a "hazardous" report had been filled he did not know.

Following the alleged incident Sean Beadie, skipper of the dive vessel which is regularly used in the bay, said he also had difficulty raising HMS Enterprise on the VHF radio and claimed it had not been working. He had, however, been in contact with coastguards.

The commanding officer of HMS Enterprise, Cdr Adam James RN, which has been in Falmouth for a six-week refit, said he and his officers had carried out a thorough internal investigation and he was satisfied that everyone on board had acted correctly. There was no incident, he said. His men on the bridge of HMS Enterprise were fully aware of the dive boat's presence, did take suitable action and changed course to avoid the marked divers. The fact the dive vessel could not raise them on the VHF was because all three VHF radios were in use on other channels at the time. "We have a thoroughly professional team on board who performed well during a busy anchorage on the day in question. The bay is an extremely busy area of water and Enterprise was manoeuvred safely and considerately with due regard for all other shipping in our vicinity."