The close-knit community of Cadgwith is rallying in support of two young fishermen who lost their livelihoods when their boat sank at sea last week, with an appeal to raise £10,000.

As previously reported in the Packet, the Lizard Lifeboat was able to save Brett Jose and Callum Hardwick, after they escaped to their life raft, but the fishing vessel Crig-A-Tana was lost to the sea, unfortunately sinking too fast and too deep to be recovered.

Now, a week on, a Crowdfunder has been started to support both men while they endeavour to restore their livelihood.

The fundraising has been set up by Bryher Trewin, who said on Saturday: “It has been a week to the day since the youngest vessel in the Cadgwith fishing fleet, MFV 'Crig-A-Tana', sank very suddenly six miles from their home port on Saturday 12th of November 2022.

“In a miraculous feat of seamanship both skipper Brett Jose and crewman Callum Hardwick survived this terrifying ordeal. For this, as a close knit fishing community, we will never stop giving thanks.

“With no time for a MAYDAY, an effective EPIRB signal alerted Falmouth Coastguard who were then able to notify the Lizard Lifeboat, who mustered a crew and sped to the Crig-A-Tana's last known position. In transit a red flare was spotted and the crew reached Brett and Callum in their life raft but sadly with no sign of their fishing vessel.

“As with many fishing villages Cadgwith has been no stranger to tragedy in the past. The relief that the outcome of this incident, with the survival of two much loved members of our community is, as you can imagine, immeasurable to our village.

“The emotional turmoil of the weekend's events continues and will take time to heal but our thoughts now must go to the immediate future of these two young men, going into winter with no source of income.

“A new boat suitable for the cove's infrastructure will take time to find and fit out, and in the meantime life, with all its financial commitments, carries relentlessly on.

“Cadgwith has always fundraised for the Fisherman's Mission due to the loss of two dear friends in March 1994. We have also supported many other causes across the country and world when facing difficult times. For two of our own it will be no different.

“We are holding this fundraiser to offer immediate assistance to Brett and Callum, their recovery from recent events and their journey into a positive future ahead. Any amount you can give, big or small, will go a long way.”

Brett was one of the main organisers of a successful fundraising appeal last year that raised an incredible £300,000 to save three historic fishing lofts in Cadgwith, and now the community is being urged to offer that same support to Brett.

Donations can be made at

Bryher added: “We know how strongly we all came together in purchasing the three historic lofts in Cadgwith (of which Brett was a main organiser).

“We now ask that we come together again to help these lads get back to where they should be; laughing and joking, catching loads of fish and living their dream in the cove for many years to come.”