A former chapel near Truro that is to be converted into an Islamic community centre has been targeted in a surreal and disturbing racist attack.

A pig's head attached to a cross was nailed to the door of the former Methodist chapel on Quenchwell Road, near Carnon Downs over the weekend.

The Cornish nationalist slogan "Free Cornwall" was also daubed on outside of the building, while sickening racist graffiti was scrawled on the inside walls.

Police have condemned the attack as "appalling and disgusting" and have vowed to catch the people responsible.

The owner of the derelict building, businessman Tipu Choudhury, who meet with officers at the site on Tuesday, has said he was shocked and saddened by the attacks.

The site has had problems with theft and vandalism in the past.

Local MP Andrew George, the president of the Council Racial Equality in Cornwall, has slammed the attack calling it "ignorant prejudice".

Mr George, said: "If this was supposed to be done in the name of our local community then it has brought shame on us all.

"No-one who understands Cornwall would do a thing like this."

Mr George said Cornwall and the Cornish community are champions of the celebration of diversity and he has long championed the need for an Islamic Centre in Cornwall.

"Muslims have, for decades, made a very significant contribution to Cornish life in medicine, catering, sport and many other aspects of our local communities."

"It's precisely this kind of intolerance and ignorant prejudice which promotes the very tensions and conflict which are destroying community harmony in the UK and peace around the world," added Mr George.

Police are urging anyone with information to call them on 08452 777 444.

A public meeting is planned for 7pm on June 12 at Carnon Downs village hall.