As the country struggles with the cost of living crisis, recent figures have revealed that Brexit has left the people of the UK paying an extra £6 billion in food costs.

This is not much of a surprise; when you put trade barriers in front of your largest trading partner the EU and then proceed to make deals with countries around the world that aren’t worth the paper they were written on, what do you expect?

Boris famously launched his Brexit campaign furiously waving a Cornish pasty at us and declaring that leaving the EU would mean £350 million extra for the NHS; well that worked out alright then.

The NHS is making good use of all that ‘extra money’ to show that our system is the envy of the world – not.

We have thousands of nurses and ambulance staff planning to go on strike this Christmas because they can’t survive on the money they earn, or live with the incredible stress it involves.

Now, we all know that the war in Ukraine and the pandemic is partly to blame for the current crisis, but Brexit touting politicians use this as a smokescreen to defend their decision.

But if you can give me one tangible benefit that Brexit has given us then I would be very surprised; even immigration, which many people quoted as the reason for voting to leave the EU, is out of control. Even of the people who voted for Brexit the majority regret it.

Despite this even Labour refuse to acknowledge it was a mistake. It doesn’t bode well for us ever getting out of this mess.