A pub that has featured in almost every edition of a guide for quality beer has been recognised with two awards on the 50th anniversary of the publication.

Members of CAMRA Kernow, the Cornish branch of the Campaign for Real Ale, came from as far as Liskeard, Crantock and St Just to present awards to the Blue Anchor pub - affectionately referred to by many as The Blue - and its brewery.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the first publication of CAMRA's prestigious publication, The Good Beer Guide.

A totally independent guide, CAMRA takes no fees for listings, in order to ensure the guide remains independent and unbiased.

It is researched by CAMRA volunteers, who make recommendations based on beer quality as well as the history and architecture of a pub and various aspects such as food, gardens, family and disabled facilities and special events.    

Just five pubs across the UK have made it into each edition of the guide – known as the “famous five” - and four in Cornwall have been in it for more than 40 editions, with the Blue Anchor being one of them.

It has featured in no fewer than 47 editions.

In recognition of this achievement CAMRA Kernow decided to give the pub a Special Award.

The certificate was presented to managers Ben Stone and Jenine Williams in the front bar, where locals also joined in the congratulations.  

Jenine said they were both "thrilled" to receive the award, adding: "Gone are the days when it was mainly older people who visited the pub.

"Nowadays there are more young people and especially women coming to the pub and enjoying the Spingo."  

The Blue is also an internationally known pub of great standing. Before CAMRA's inception it was hailed as one of the ‘Historic Four’ - one of only four remaining brewpubs in the country, although now there are several that have started up to add to that number.

Famous for its Spingo, The Blue's most popular beer is Middle - described as a "traditional Cornish malty, sweet strong bitter with an unforgettable flavour."

It was first brewed at the end of the First World War for people in Helston to celebrate the return of local soldiers.

There also used to be a weaker beer called Boys, but this was discontinued some time ago.

Spingo is defined as "strong beer" in Anglo Saxon Old English. 

Falmouth Packet: Dugg presents Ben with an award in the Blue Anchor brewery Dugg presents Ben with an award in the Blue Anchor brewery (Image: Submitted)

Dugg Polman, CAMRA Kernow chairman, said: "I have been coming to The Blue for an awfully long time. Some of it I can't remember.

"Back in the 80s, when I first said I was going to The Blue, my friends would ask if I was taking a knife and fork. At first I didn't know what they meant. Then I got my first pint.

"It was clear, had a nice taste but you had to strain the last mouthfuls of beer through your teeth as it had light browny lumps in it; yeast residue, I guess. Still, we drank it."

In July 1993 Simon and Kim Stone took on the lease of the brewery and pub, and they swiftly improved the quality of the brews.

"No more lumps, improved quality and less variance in the taste of the beer!" added Dugg.

Recently they have taken a step back and their son Ben has been in charge of the brewing and managing the pub with Jenine.

Alongside the Special Award, the pub was also presented with an Exceptional Achievement Award  for continuously brewing Cornish beer for all 50 of the Good Beer Guide issues.

Ben was joined in the brewery by Dugg, the brewery's CAMRA brewery liaison officer, and CAMRA Kernow tasting panel chair Steve Barber.

On receiving the award Ben said: "I am very proud The Blue is one of the pubs being recognised by the presentations.

"It just shows The Blue is a special place."

Afterwards, Dugg noted that the brewery had a new look, with Ben explaining that they had to retire the old cooling tower, as the copper pipes were wearing thin, and replace it with a modern paraflow cooler.

A new brewery has been given planning permission, with Dugg saying: "They hope to replicate the taste of the Spingo there, though it might take time as the Blue has its own well and distinctive taste."