When police officers received a call from a concerned resident that someone had left their front door wide open, little did they think they would find a drugs factory inside.

Officers were called to the address in Penzance in the early hours of the morning following the call from a concerned citizen.

When they arrived, they went inside and were surprised to find a cannabis factory in one of the bedrooms and chemicals.

Falmouth Packet: The cannabis was discovered after the front door was left wide openThe cannabis was discovered after the front door was left wide open (Image: Penzance Police)

They also found evidence that the occupants had been tampering with the electricity supply to power the lights to grow the drugs, causing a fire hazard. As a result of the find two people were arrested.

Posting on their Facebook page Penzance Police said: “Recently Penzance Police received a call in the early hours recently from a concerned member of the public that a front door of a property had been left wide open.

“When police attended the address they were surprised to find a large quantity of drugs within one of the bedrooms, chemicals and evidence of electrical tampering to abstract [sic] electricity, and creating a possible fire hazard to the terraced property. Two people have been arrested, interviewed and the investigation is ongoing.”

Some people replying to the post said they believed that cannabis use should be legalised.

But the find was praised by Facebook user, Kimmi Von Chad who said criminal gangs exploit vulnerable people to produce the drug.

“What some people clearly don't know or care about is that cannabis production is not a harmless or victimless crime - apart from it being a gateway drug for some, it's almost always linked to organised crime groups who exploit vulnerable people to produce it.”