First it was ice and now it’s flooding.

Motorists trying to get between Helston and Mullion are once again advised to avoid the route through Cury, following the closure of Poldhu Road due to surface water flooding this lunchtime (Tuesday).

Helston Tri-Service Officer Phil Whittingham has shared photographs of the flooded road, with the bridge area at the bottom of the hill particularly affected.

The pictures show the river next to the beach extending across the road, rendering it impassable to the majority of vehicles in its current state.

The car park opposite the beach also closely resembles a lake currently.

Mr Whittingham has posted: “Poldhu Road is currently closed due to flooding, please find an alternative route.”

Traffic monitoring system INRIX is also reporting the closure, saying: “Poldhu Road, both ways closed due to flooding between Polhorman Lane and Mullion Golf Club.”

The road past Poldhu was also closed at the weekend, after being shut on Friday night and into Saturday as a result of ice. The conditions also led to a number of crashes overnight on the stretch from the golf club down to the beach, including an overturned vehicle and another abandoned.