This winter, the Packet is asking its readers to ‘Put in a Pound’ and fight poverty.

We want to raise £5,000 for the Poverty Hurts Appeal, run by Cornwall Community Foundation to help people facing extreme hardship because of the cost-of-living crisis.

- Families choosing between heating and eating

- Children without warm winter coats

- Pensioners afraid and alone

What can my donation do?

£10 could buy warm socks and underwear for a child without, so they are comfortable enough to concentrate at school

£20 could give a family peace of mind that they will not go hungry for five days

£30 could provide support for a person who needs a fuel voucher and doesn’t know how to get one so that they can avoid getting into debt they can’t pay back

£50 could provide a session to help a person manage their debts, reduce anxiety and regain control of their lives

£100 could provide two counselling sessions for a person struggling with mental wellbeing due to the coronavirus crisis

Your donation will be increased! 

It's not often your pound can go further these days, but great news: the Foundation will match fund donations from Packet readers with 50p for each £1 given, up to a fundraised total of £25k.

This is possible thanks to generous donations from existing supporters who want to encourage giving to the Poverty Hurts Appeal.

To donate visit

About the Poverty Hurts - Cornwall's Cost of Living Crisis Appeal

The funds raised by the Poverty Hurts appeal enable the charity to provide grants to grassroots charities and community organisations who are facing increased demand for their support due to the rising household costs faced by people across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Cornwall has 17 council wards in the 20% most deprived in England. The cost of living crisis is creating a perfect storm for many people in Cornwall.

Since launching the Cost of Living Crisis fund, Cornwall Community Foundation has awarded more than 50 grants totalling £275,000.

Among them was Citizens Advice Cornwall, which received £2,000 to train five new advisors to support pensioners in the county who are unaware of the benefits they can claim.

Falmouth Packet: Citizens Advice received £2,000 from the Poverty Hurts AppealCitizens Advice received £2,000 from the Poverty Hurts Appeal (Image: CCF)

Gill Pipkin, chief executive of Citizens Advice Cornwall (CAC), said: " Many who were 'just about managing' are now unable to pay essential households bills, buy food and run a car.

“We are seeing more people who, with every bit of income we can find for them through grants and benefits, just can't make ends meet each month and there is worse to come."

Also receiving money has been Community Energy Plus, based in Camborne, which provides a broad range of services helping people with energy-related issues.

A large part of its work is focused on supporting households who are struggling with their energy costs, and the rapidly growing number of those who live in or are at risk of fuel poverty.

CEP received £5,000 from the CFF Cost of Living Crisis fund to provide “warm boxes” for vulnerable individuals.

They offer two different warm boxes, one that focuses on individuals that do not have access to heating or are not putting on the heating for fear of unmanageable bills. This box includes a heated throw, thermal gloves, a hot water bottle, and draught excluders like chimney balloons and under-door snakes.

The other warm box is centred around food and drink and includes a slow cooker, thermos flask and a thermal mug.

Tamas Haydu, CEO of the Cornwall Community Foundation, said: “We are very grateful to the Packet for raisings funds to help people in need.

“The rising cost of living is pushing low-income households into deeper poverty and this is only going to get worse.

“Support from charities and community groups is vital and donations to the Poverty Hurts appeal will be helping the people in Cornwall who need it most.”