CORNWALL Fire and Rescue Services responded to reports of a smoked-logged property in Mullion this week.  

Pumping appliances from Mullion and St Keverne were sent to the incident on Meaver Road, just after 1pm yesterday (Tuesday).  

On arrival, the crews found a heavily smoked logged property and proceeded to investigate using breathing apparatus and a hose reel jet.

The fire was located and extinguished on the front porch.

The Packet has recently reported that Cornwall Council is seeking on-call firefighters in Mullion and St Keverne.

On-call firefighters have everyday lives and jobs until an alert sounds. They are then required to become professional firefighters, responding to a range of operational incidents when required.

However, being a firefighter is not just about fighting fires, they are also ready to respond to road traffic collisions, flooding, and other emergency situations.

On the Cornwall Council website, Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service said: “We are proud that Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service is at the heart of our community.

“Some 75% our service is provided by our on-call firefighters. They provide an incredible commitment across the 31 stations within Cornwall.”