A primary school on the Lizard Peninsula could become a special educational needs (SEN) school. 

The Special Partnership Trust is consulting with local councils in the area on a proposal for Cury School to partner with Nancealverne School to provide more educational support for children across the Duchy.

In a letter to town and parish councils, the trust said: “The Special Partnership Trust, wishes to consult on the development of Cury School as an SEN Primary School partner of Nancealverne School and member of The Special Partnership Trust.

“The trust is ambitious for excellence in learning. In Devon and Cornwall, we constantly seek to improve the offer to SEN young people and their families through collaboration, challenge, and cooperation across the partnership.”

The Trust continues: “We wish to consult parents, carers and members of the broader community about the proposed school’s conversion to a SEND primary school.

“We have also prepared some frequently asked questions for you to read online at www.specialpartnership.org/curyschoolconsultation alongside further consultation documentation.”

At Helston Town Council’s first meeting of 2023, the proposed development plan for Cury School was discussed with seven of the council members voting in favour.

One member of the council, agreeing with the proposition, said: “It would be better for families not to have to travel very far.”

In 2021 Cury School was one of two local primary schools to have been put forward to have only infant pupils following a fall in numbers.

A spokesperson for the multi-academy trust (MAT) said at the time: "At Cury School, the numbers attending the school have been very low for the past two years and population forecasts indicate there will be no growth for the foreseeable future.

"The school’s income is based on pupil numbers. Over the past two years, it has taken measures to adjust the class structure, but it can no longer be sustained in its present form."

It was agreed that Mullion Primary School would take on pupils at Cury from year three onwards, and a funded transport link was put in place.