Hotel Meudon, near Falmouth, has submitted new proposals for the enhancement of its current offering and historic gardens.

The new proposals come after the hotel’s previous application was refused by Cornwall Council in September 2022, due to the scale and design of various proposed holiday accommodation units.

Nigel Chapman, Chairman of Kingfisher Resorts commented: “We have taken on board all the comments previously raised by our local community and key stakeholders, and carefully reconsidered our proposals. We have worked diligently to address all concerns and come up with a fresh approach, including a complete redesign of each unit.

Falmouth Packet: One of the proposed residenciesOne of the proposed residencies (Image: Meudon Hotel)

“These proposals remain essential for the future of Hotel Meudon and its historic gardens. Currently, the hotel is too small and has insufficient facilities to trade successfully.

"Its gardens have gradually deteriorated over time as sufficient maintenance is financially unviable through the hotel’s current offering. Considerable investment is needed to bring both up to better standards and maintain them as high-quality assets, so they can be enjoyed by everyone for many years to come.”

Falmouth Packet: Hotel MeudonHotel Meudon (Image: Paul Armstrong)

The group says the new planning application for Hotel Meudon includes a substantial reduction in scale and heights to reduce visual impact from the sea and coastal footpath. Buildings would be limited to a maximum of two storeys, with most units sitting within the existing sloping topography.

The ten proposed accommodation units include architectural detailing and materials to reflect those used in the surrounding parish, including natural granite and timber cladding. Bream House, Hotel Meudon’s existing five-bedroom accommodation unit, would also be redesigned to follow a more traditional, Arts and Crafts aesthetic – in keeping with the wider West Bay context.

Hotel Meudon also plans to create more high-quality facilities which would be accessible to the local community. Planned facilities include a 20-metre outdoor infinity swimming pool, open all year round, and a new spa complete with three spacious treatment rooms and relaxation areas. A new clubhouse-style offering, known as The Retreat, is also proposed, offering a tranquil environment for indoor and al fresco drinks and dining.

Proposals also include a detailed revival and future management plan for the hotel’s historic gardens, developed by local landscape architect, Richard Sneesby.

Falmouth Packet: The RetreatThe Retreat (Image: Meudon Hotel)

Wider sustainability measures remain central to the scheme. The plans include planting more than 3,500 trees and shrub plants, installing a new ‘bat hotel’, planting new hedgerows, and creating a biodiversity enhancement field with 2.7 hectares of native species planting.


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Nigel Chapman continued: “We remain committed to enhancing our existing adjoining field as a naturally landscaped element and have no intentions of building on it in the future. We see it as a major asset of our scheme, which will help strengthen the overall quality of our proposed offering.

“By bringing new accommodation units, facilities, and sustainability measures to Hotel Meudon, we believe we can make it a thriving business to be proud of in our community. Our proposals for its revival are essential to ensure it can continue contributing positively to the local area and economy in the long term.”

Hotel Meudon says it has continued to engage with its local community regarding its proposals, with a public exhibition held earlier in December to showcase plans in an open format.