A police crackdown on "speeding" drivers around Pendennis Point has found that the majority of motorist were driving sensibly.

Police launched random checks on the roads around the headland in Falmouth after complaints about anti-social driving in the area from local residnets and councillors.

However, despite carrying out the checks for the last three months at different points around Pendennis Point and the docks, Falmouth police team, who carried out the checks, found that most drivers were law abiding and respectful.

Falmouth Packet: Police crackdown on anti-social drivingPolice crackdown on anti-social driving (Image: Devon and Cornwall Police)

The only arrest made was in Jnauary for a drug driving offence. 

Devon & Cornwall Police Sector Inspector, Falmouth Tim Evans said: “Falmouth residents and local councillors were concerned about cars and motorbikes driving at excess speed and in an anti-social manner around Pendennis Point.

"The location is a beauty spot and an iconic place within Falmouth and is bordered by residential properties.

“People who have been driving at excess speed have been very much affecting their quality of life for some residents. During each traffic operation we monitor the noise of vehicles and speed, as either in excess can have a detrimental effect on residents, pedestrians and drivers should there be an accident.

"On one occasion in January, we also arrested a driver on suspicion of driving whilst under the influence of drugs.

“Increasingly most drivers are law abiding and respectful; on our most recent traffic operation on Thursday 8 February, we found most drivers through the night were driving sensibly and obeying the speed limit.

“We are seeing a decrease in poor driving behaviour however it is still present in the area. We would like to encourage more people to be aware of the changing speed limit which is 20 mph on some roads and 30 mph on others.”

Falmouth Packet: Police have been checking drivers' speeds in FalmouthPolice have been checking drivers' speeds in Falmouth (Image: Devon and Cornwall Police)

For the last three months, Devon & Cornwall Police’s Falmouth team have been undertaking ad hoc, weekly traffic checks in different locations on Pendennis Point.

Taking place at different times of the day and night, the police have been monitoring the popular coastal area and surrounding roads, using their kit to monitor speed, check for any outstanding police notices and to fine drivers in relation to their driving or any other offences.