Falmouth Town Council has agreed an 11.93% precept rise just hours before Cornwall Council would have imposed a 15% increase if it had not been agreed.

As special meeting of Falmouth Town Council last night councillors voted in the rise with four councillors voting against.

If the budget hadn't been agreed, Cornwall Council would have imposed its own of 15% today.

Posting in her Facebook page Cllr Jude Robinson, chair of the finance and general purposes committee said the first draft of the precept, the part of your council tax paid to Falmouth Town Council, was 22%.

She said they had come up with efficiencies and savings, to get it down to 18, 15 and finally 11.93% increase. On band D, that’s 86p a week.

She said: “Inflation is hitting hard but we have worked for months to bring a responsible budget as low as possible.

“As the majority group, Labour councillors have been open throughout, avoided party politics and invited all councillors to take part. Our Mayor Steve Eva is not Labour but has worked with us.”

She criticised other councillors for coming up with “back of the fag packet amendments” put forward at the last minute saying it was disappointing.

Four councillors David Saunby, Alan Jewell, Dean Evans and John Spargo said they could not support the 11.93% rise.

Jude Robinson said she expected criticism of the budget to be reported in the media, especially over the funding of the Princess Pavilion but she stood by her words “The Princess Pavilion is a huge undertaking. If we want it to grow until it can pay its way, we invest and we give our employees tools to run it properly, to repair and maintain it and provide a fabulous venue for the people of Falmouth.

“Which they are working hard to do. Expecting it to limp along without enough staff or resources is a sure way to send it down the path to failure and eventual closure.

"For 77p a week increase on Band C, 86p on Band D, that’s the choice."

Full report of last night’s meeting to come.