A stop and search on a vehicle in Hayle by police in relation to graffitti plaguing the streets of the town resulted in the seizure of a number of related items.

Hayle and St Ives Police carried out the stop at 5pm in the afternoon following a plague of vandalism across town.

While many have blamed children, police say the occupier of the vehicle was actually a local adult man.

Posting on Facebook, Hayle and St Ives Police said: "Hayle Neighbourhood team carried out a stop and search on a vehicle and person in relation to graffiti around the Hayle area.

"A number of items have been seized from an adult male and his vehicle whom is local to the area.

"Graffiti is a policing priority as identified by the local community and we will continue to work hard to identify offenders.

"Offenders are not only young members of our community as evidenced by today's encounter.

"We encourage reporting of any Criminal Damage offences in our local community involving graffiti, help us clear up Hayle and the surrounding area and improve the quality of life of our residents and visitors.

"Be aware, the offences are not only happening daytime and evening they are happening during the night as well.

"Please report any graffiti to us via www.devon-cornwall.police.uk/reportcrime"

Commenting on the post Anne Stephens said: "Good to hear this is being tackled. Really upsetting to see so much of it around Hayle and people always assume it’s youngsters.

"So pointless and taxpayers money has to be used to clean it up."