FOUR Helston Harriers players who have been selected to represent Cornwall Select in Germany are looking for help to get there.

The four girls, who play for the Helston Harriers under 15s girls, have been selected to represent the Cornwall Select team in Germany this May and a GoFundMe page has been set up to help with the cost of the trip.

The four players were selcted alongside 11 players from the Helston Dynamos Under 13 boys football team, who have also set up a GoFundMe page to help with travel costs. 

Being aware of the current financial climate, Helston Athletic Football Club is hoping to help parents fund their child's trip, which costs approximately £870 per person. 

Commenting on the fundraiser, which he set up, Helston Harriers manager, Mike Smith, said: "These four amazing footballers have been selected to represent Cornwall Select Team to play in Germany!

"This is a fantastic achievement and we at the club would love to help them get there.

"The cost per child is over £700 pounds each! So we would like to raise some funds to help them on there way to the best experience these four Cornish maids will most probably have as a youth footballers."

The two Helston youth football teams were also awarded £3,200 after applying for funding from Helston Town Council in their bi-annual community grant meeting.

In its application, Helston Youth Football said: “We are very lucky and have had 11 of our team selected to represent Cornwall in Germany this May.

“This is a massive opportunity for them.

“There are also 5 girls selected for the same trip from Helston Harriers u15s to represent Cornwall Girls at the same trip.

“The cost of this is £870pp and, in the current climate, the parents are finding it extremely hard to fund all of this cost.

“We are looking to do some fundraising to help with this but a town grant of any amount would help the kids to realise this fantastic opportunity.”