A SPORTS club in Helston has submitted a planning application that would see its facilites upgraded after both its first and second teams were promoted.

Helston Cricket Club has submitted an application for a replacement cricket net facility that would replace its currents nets which residents and members have described as an 'eyesore.'

The plans lay out how the club would look to upgrade its existing nets with two new fully-enclosed cages which would use mesh netting secured by tension wire. 

Falmouth Packet: Helston Cricket Club netsHelston Cricket Club nets (Image: Helston Cricket Club)

Having put forward an application for consideration, members of the local community expressed their support for the idea with a number commenting on the application itself.

Rosie Mitchell said: “Helston cricket has always been a huge part of the local community. The club have several teams which are inclusive of all ages and backgrounds with a large majority being local residents.

“The club have worked extremely hard on getting a promotion for both the first and second team for this season and it's only fair they have the correct facilities so they can continue to reach their full potential.”

Alan Christophers said: “Helston have a cricket club to be proud of. Most of the players have strong connections with the local community.

“They have an excellent youth section which has produced many talented players. Through their hard work and dedication they are now a premier league team and need premier league facilities.

Falmouth Packet: The club would like to upgrade its netsThe club would like to upgrade its nets (Image: Helston Cricket Club)

“Their application should be supported as the nets can only help them continue their good work.”

Louisa Rogers said: “I fully support this application for replacement of the current practice net facilities.

“The new, improved and updated practice nets would be a great asset for a thriving community club and would provide an opportunity for developing the skills of all Helston Cricket Club members, including the Increasing number of youth and female players."

Allister George said: “This can only be a positive thing for the local community. The current structure is an eyesore and isn't fit for purpose anymore.

“This is a well needed update to the cricket clubs facilities and I see no reason why it shouldn't be supported by everyone.”