A CORNWALL MP is set to be awarded a not-so-prestigious award from water campaigners this weekend. 

MP and ex-Secretary of State for the Environment, George Eustice, is set to be 'honoured' with special blue plaques for what campaigners described as his "sh*t contribution" to protecting seas from pollution. 

The plaques will be placed at his constituency office in Camborne, and at Porthowan beach, which is within his constituency.

Campaigners claim the beach is frequently affected by sewage and run-off discharges and causes illness to water users as well as threatens maritime ecology.

Whilst George Eustice is not expected in person, the unveiling will take place on Sunday, March 26 at 2pm at Porthtowan beach car park.

The event is part of an ongoing protest by collaborative environmental groups and residents across the South West who say they are fed up with the 'disgraceful' levels of pollution being released into British seas.

Local surfer, Daniel Newman, is fed up with what he calls ‘environmental vandalism’, saying: "There have been several times when I have come to the beach with my sons to go surfing, but we have had to leave again because the water was too foul to go.

"It is one thing to risk my own health, but I can’t put my family in that situation. In the last month alone I have had at least two stomach upsets after surfing at Porthtowan.

"I recall the early 1990s when Surfers Against Sewage started their campaigns and they did a fantastic job pressuring the UK Government, water companies and the EU.

"It worked, and we all enjoyed cleaner water, but now we seem to be going back to square one with raw sewage putting our health and the aquatic ecosystems at risk, leaving a legacy of dying seas for our children and grandchildren.

"Whilst this is happening, people like Susan Davy [CEO of Pennon Group, owners of South West Water] and the shareholders pocket the gigantic profits."

The Packet has contacted George Eustice for a statement. 

South West Water declined to comment.