THE Falmouth Theatre Company has begun its search for cast members for its latest production.

The company held a “re-launch” event last night (March 29) at the Princess Pavilion where members had a chance to get together and put themselves forward for roles as well as watch a film version of the production.

The team behind the Falmouth Theatre Company will be performing the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the Princess Pavilion in Falmouth this October and will feature "a very modern twist that's never been done before."

Falmouth Packet: Boo with her mum and daughter making up three generations of the Falmouth Theatre CompanyBoo with her mum and daughter making up three generations of the Falmouth Theatre Company (Image: Ryan Morwood)

Joseph is being Produced and Directed by Tim & Boo McAuliffe who have been involved with the society since the age of 15 and met at the society.

Boo’s mum Jenny Brunsden-Brown, who has produced and directed for the society for many years, co-directed Joseph with Clive Morris when it was performed by the Young Generation 40 years ago.

The production’s Musical Director is Chris Hutton who has been involved with a number of societies for many years and has a wealth of experience. Taking the role of Choreographer is Dawn Holdroff, who completes the Falmouth Theatre Company team.

Alongside Jenny Brunsden-Brown were Thelma Hargreaves and Christine Morris who between them have over 150 years worth of experience at the Falmouth Theatre Company. 

Falmouth Packet: Thelma Hargreaves, Christine Morris, and Jenny Brunsden-Brown,Thelma Hargreaves, Christine Morris, and Jenny Brunsden-Brown, (Image: Ryan Morwood)

Unfortunately, due to Covid and the selling of their Rehearsal rooms at Harris Hall in Falmouth, the society's membership has dwindled. However, the company are hoping this latest production will help put them back on their feet.

Boo McAuliffe, who will be producing and directing the performance, told The Packet: “We did very well. I think we registered just over 40 people.


"It was a very good turnout, we had no idea whether we were gonna have 20 people or 120. I think there were quite a few people that couldn't make it last night as well."

After the film, those in attendance got the chance to chat and mingle and put themselves forward for roles and positions for the upcoming production, and Boo spoke of the enthusiasm and excitement that permeated the hall.

Falmouth Packet: The Falmouth Theatre Company teamThe Falmouth Theatre Company team (Image: Ryan Morwood)

Boo continued: "(It went) Really well, with the enthusiasm and excitement, you could feel it in the room. In the atmosphere. Yeah, really positive. It was really, really good. We were really pleased."

When it came to revealing what the 'modern twist' in the performance would be, Boo was keeping her lips sealed.

She added: "We are keeping that quite quiet. It's just something that's never been done."

Falmouth Theatre Company's production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat will take place at the Princess Pavilion from October 24 to 28, 2023.