The first of April is traditionally a day for jokes, puns and generally fooling other people - as long as you 'fess up come 12 noon. 

This year businesses and residents around Cornwall have been getting in on the April Fool's Day fun. 

Here are some of our favourites: 


Kevin Williams took inspiration from the recent sightings of the Northern Lights in Cornwall, with a spectacular shot of Poldhu Cove Beach – although was not as it appeared at first glance.

Falmouth Packet: A convincing looking 'Northern Lights' at Poldhu - until you realise the beach faces the wrong direction! A convincing looking 'Northern Lights' at Poldhu - until you realise the beach faces the wrong direction! (Image: Kevin Williams)

He wrote: “So glad I went for a walk tonight, it was amazing.”

However, some people pointed out that it was rather unusual to see the ‘Northern’ Lights at a south-westerly facing beach…


Staying local, Simon Lewis had a warning to walkers, saying: “The cliffs above Mullion cove are on fire please take care” – although could the blaze have been started by a pair of pants?

Falmouth Packet: How did Denzel get his boat that high up? How did Denzel get his boat that high up? (Image: Simon Lewis / Facebook)

He followed it up by adding: “I have also noticed that heller Denzel still hasn’t removed his boat (circled) after it washed ashore exactly 12 months ago!!”


The Smugglers of Mousehole Facebook page shared a picture of a ‘Giant Squid washed up in Mounts Bay earlier this morning.’ Imagine the calamari from that!

St Austell Brewery

The brewery proudly announced this morning that it had created the world’s first left-handed beer can.

It said: “We’re proud to release the world’s first beer can designed exclusively for left-handed drinkers. The new can features an ergonomic grip and a strategically placed ring-pull to ensure easy and comfortable use by left-handed beer lovers.

“This long overdue innovation solves a problem that left-handed people have endured for generations: the frustration of drinking from a can that’s designed exclusively for right-handed people. Our design offers improved stability and control, allowing for a more enjoyable and spill-free drinking experience.”

Falmouth Packet: Left handed can anyone? Left handed can anyone? (Image: St Austell Brewery)

Promising the can would be “on supermarket shelves nationwide”, St Austell Brewery went on to add that it would soon also be “rolling out left-handed pint glasses to pubs across the south west later this year.”

West Cornwall Search and Rescue Team 

We may have only had one proper snow day in Cornwall this winter, but that hasn't stopped the West Cornwall Search and Rescue Team buying five snowmobiles - or so they claimed. 

In a post on Facebook the team said: "Following a huge effort from our support team we are pleased to say we have secured the funds to purchase FIVE BRAND NEW SNOWMOBILES!"

Falmouth Packet: Who doesn't need a snowmobile in West Cornwall? Who doesn't need a snowmobile in West Cornwall? (Image: West Cornwall Search and Rescue Team)

The pioneers behind the project were said to be Owen Leigh and Joel King, with Owen saying: "Although we haven’t had too much snow in West Cornwall over the years, you never know, and this state-of-the-art equipment will be an important asset to help us search for missing, lost and injured people across the region.

"They will be stored at our base near St Day, ready for the next big snow day."

And that's snow joke! Or rather it was. 

Fire Engine Inn, Marazion

The pub at Marazion had customers questioning the day, after announcing it would no longer be serving baby vegetables with dishes.

It posted: “We would like to inform our customers that as of today, April 1st, we will no longer be serving baby vegetables with our meals, as they haven't had a proper chance at life.

“Should we receive any in our orders we will replant them in our new 'nursery garden' until fully grown.”

Falmouth Packet: Baby veg deserves a chance at life! Baby veg deserves a chance at life! (Image:

The Cornish Seal Sanctuary

The seal sancatuary at Gweek declared this morning that it was “excited” to have taken in its very first ‘pink common seal’ as it neared the end of a busy pup season.

The seal, said to be found on a west Cornwall beach on Friday afternoon, was rushed to the sanctuary after reports from local dog walkers.

The sanctuary said: “Almost never seen on UK coastlines, this rare-breed seal is usually found around South America, but is famous for its pink hue. The seals are actually born grey – turning pink over time.

“While males have a much deeper pink hue, females, like this one, are a bit lighter. It’s thought the colouration could be thanks to their behaviour, exposure to sunlight, hormones and diet – which often includes pink-coloured jellyfish.”

Falmouth Packet: If only this was true! If only this was true! (Image: Cornish Seal Sanctuary)

Tamara Cooper, curator for the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, said: “To see a pup like this on our shorelines is very rare, and it’s the first time we’ve ever had to rescue one. While we would much rather see it out in the wild and thriving, it has caused quite a bit of excitement for our team!”

Celebrities and national companies also got in on the game - here are some of the best jokes nationally: April Fool's Day 2023: Best jokes from Ant and Dec, Aldi, Walkers and more

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