The Mexican Navy have confirmed that their sail training vessel Cuauhtemoc, will be in Falmouth during Tallships week in August.

I reported that the sailing vessel was due in Falmouth in August some weeks ago but certain people doubted my information.

Following a question I put to the Mexican Navy about Cuauhtemoc’s European itinerary, Rear-Admiral Antonio Ruiz Gomez of the Mexican Navy sent me a very nice email in which he said: “With pleasure, I greet you by this means and I am pleased to confirm that the Cuauhtémoc Training Ship is indeed scheduled to arrive in Falmouth, United Kingdom on August 17, 2023.”

Although she is currently not entered for the Magellan-Elcano Race I expect confirmation will be made at a later date.

Cuauhtemoc, built in Bilbao, Spain in 1982, is well known in tallship circles, having taken part in many races.

Entries for the Magellan-Elcano Race from Falmouth are small in number with just ten vessels booked in so far.


The other Tallship Races from Den Helder to Hartlepool to Frederikstad, Lerwick and ending in Arendal, Norway have 30 entries for every leg of the three races, including many of the larger Class A vessels.

The Magellan-Elcano Racefrom Falmouth needs more entries if it is to be a blockbuster event as in previous years.

It will be the first time in nine years that the event has taken place in Falmouth – and a second attempt after the planned Tall Ships Race scheduled for August 2020 and then rescheduled for 2021 both had to be cancelled due to the continued uncertainty of the Covid pandemic.

This will be the sixth time Falmouth has hosted the prestigious regatta and race, with the inaugural one for the town being held in 1966.

The Magellan-Elcano Race starts from Falmouth between August 15 and 18 this year.