THE manager of a pub in Falmouth that was recently named the best in Cornwall has described the achievement as 'pleasantly surprising' and wants to welcome more people to see for themselves.

Max Bosley, who took over as manager of The Front in 2022, explained what the achievement meant to him, why its the best pub in Cornwall, and what he has in store for the future. 

Max told The Packet: "I was pleasantly surprised. I'd heard that we were top five at the time and I thought 'oh we'll probably get top two or three, and I'm happy with that.'

"But no, when we got number one I was like 'wow,' and in my first year running it as well.

"For myself, I'm like 'wow, that's a really big achievement."

Falmouth Packet: Staff at The Front in FalmouthStaff at The Front in Falmouth (Image: Max Bosely)

Max took over from the previous manager, Rob Herron, in March of 2022 and decided to take on all the help and advice he could get at the time.

Max continued: "I didn't hesitate in asking for help and tips and ideas and things like that. I'd spoken to breweries and other people and just tried to get as much as possible really."

When asked if he could explain what it was that made The Front the best pub in Cornwall, Max replied: "I think it's just we genuinely care about what we're doing.

"There's a lot of care and craft that we put into serving the best beer and creating the best environment and space for people to come and enjoy. 

"The staff do a tremendous job as well, they're always so welcoming and fun. Everyone's got their own character."

Max went on to explain that, at some point, staff at The Front will be having a party to celebrate the achievement and say thanks to the staff for all their hard work.

The popular pub on Custom House Quay reopened 2021, after a huge outpouring of grief from customers when it closed the previous year due to the lockdown restrictions making it impossible to trade properly.

Falmouth Packet: The Front in FalmouthThe Front in Falmouth (Image: Ryan Morwood)

Overseeing the reopening was then manager Rob Herron, who said at the time that he was working hard to regain the atmosphere and ambience that many locals and visitors alike have cherished over the years.

Since then, Rob handed over the reins to new manager Max Bosely in March 2022 and stepped down from the position several months later. 

The Front's plans for the future include trying to create a space for local bands to perform, something that has somewhat moved away from Falmouth over recent years. 

The pub also wants to welcome crowds of all types, from the old boys and locals to the young and adventurous, Max says that all are welcome at The Front.