Summer Camp is back at Trefusis this year with a line-up from across the globe over three days.

The event organised by Falmouth's Cornish Bank will have rhythm, beats, melodies and zest as well as music, campfires, food, drinks, friends, family and fun.

Sponsored by Clayworks and Verdant Brewery the lineup includes: Lia de Itamaracà - Having lived all her life on the island of Itamaracá, today she is considered an icon of Ciranda music and dance, the cultural heritage of Pernambuco. A Black Northeastern woman, artist and activist. Lia, at the height of her nearly 80s, is the vibrant voice of resistance and enlightened existence.

Makoomba - An explosively talented six-man crew from the Victoria Fall and has been hailed as one of the most exciting band from Africa in the 21st century!

Sahra Halgan - An emblematic artist from Somaliland, a territory situated in the north of Somalia, de facto independent since 1991 following a terrible civil war. Sahra had to live in exile in Europe like many other fighters. It’s in Lyon, where she had lived for the past 20 years, that she met French musicians Aymeric Krol and Mael Saletes with whom she founded this musical trio. The band’s dream is to show the world the culture of the Somaliland people, their sufferings and joys, in a pure un-artificial musical form.

Electric Jalaba - A deep psychedelic, groove-heavy meeting between Moroccan Gnawa master Simo Lagnawi, Italian/English drummer Dave De Rose and four musical brothers; Henry, Oliver, Nathaniel and Barnaby Keen from Dorset (UK). Traditional songs about colourful spirits, mysterious women, men that divide oceans and armies of conquerors weave themselves among enormous infectious grooves, analogue effects and warped guitars.

Mitsune - A Japanese neo-folk fusion band based in Berlin, with members hailing from Japan, Australia, Germany and Greece. Fronted by a powerful trio of female shamisen players, accompanied with percussion and double bass, Mitsune take their love of Japanese folk music and infuse it with eastern blues, jazz, dance and cinematic music to create an evocative music fusion experience.

Tinned Fruit, Daisy Rickman, Moosehead, The New Eves, Blind Yeo, The Bucket Chuckers, Teg, Oss! Kosmek Kentulleck, Getdown Services, Jouis and more to be announced!

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