A veteran of Second Royal Tank Regiment had a "did that just happen" moment when he met King Charles III on a walkabout before the monarch's coronation.

Robert and Julie Bolitho from Gulval spent a very long weekend on The Mall for the coronation, pitching their tent on Wednesday afternoon to get a front row view.

Mr Bolitho is a veteran of the 2nd Royal Tank Regiment and had draped draped a couple of regimental flags over the railings.

"When he did his walkabout he came down our side shaking hands with the people," said Mr Bolitho.

"I was wearing my veteran's regalia and when he offered his hand to me I shook it then saluted him.

"He stopped, looked at my badge and medals and said 'Ah, the Royal Tank Regiment.' 'Yes, Your Majesty - I'm a veteran of the 2nd Royal Tank Regiment. ' ' Do you keep up with the association?'' Yes, Your Majesty' and then he moved on leaving me with a surreal 'Did That Just Happen' kind of feeling."

Unfortunately Mr Bolitho failed to get any photographs of the actual occasion, but the meeting was broadcast on the national news. Mr Bolitho features at about 1.20 in this video from French broadcaster AFP.