CHURCH leaders have written to the owners of a Falmouth care home expressing their concern after it was announced it was under consultation for closure.

Dr Euan McPhee, Chair Falmouth & Penryn Churches Together, and Peter Richards, Care Home Team Leader, say they have visited Tresillain House at least once month for the last 15 months.

They have written to Abbeyfield, the owners of the home in Stracey Road, after it announced that Tresillian House was one of a number across the country being considered for closure.

In the letter Euan and Peter express their concern about the well-being of residents, one of whom is 104, and staff following the announcement.

"We are very concerned about the well-being of the residents and staff following the shock announcement last week of the consultation on the future of the home," they said in the letter.

"We have known many of these people for years and regard them as very special friends. We see them now stunned, devastated, bewildered and angry at the thought that their home may close and the way this process is being handled.

"The sense of abandonment by the Abbeyfield Society is palpable to anyone visiting the home.

"This seems a contradiction of the whole ethos of Abbeyfield and the enviable reputation that the society has acquired in this area, with three different homes over the years.

"We appeal to you to explore every avenue to keep Tresillian House open - for the sake of the residents (many vulnerable and one of whom is 104), - for the invaluable service it offers the local community, and - for the good name of Abbeyfield in Falmouth."


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Residents of Tresillian House sheltered housing for elderly people in Stracey Road were told on May 15 that there was to be a 45-day consultation on the closure of the Abbeyfield home.

Residents were said to be in tears after the announcement was made by Abbeyfield’s regional manager.

In letter given to the residents and seen by the Packet, Abbeyfield said the government’s introduction of legislation to make homes as energy efficient as possible means Tresillian House is unlikely to meet those standards. It says it would not be possible to reach those standards in the required timeline.

It states that no firm decision on the proposed closure of the house will be made until the consultation process has formally concluded.